Short list / Crate function

Hi guys,

I’d really love to see a crate function like on the iDJ2. Browsing through your music you just hit a button to send a track to a temporary playlist. The point of this list is having some tunes you want to play relatively soon in one place, so you won’t forget one.

This being the digital equivalent of rotating your record sleeve / jacket 45 degrees so they would be sticking out of your crates. The single biggest advantage of vinyl. :wink:

It was a big hit when the iDJ2 came out, and for a good reason. A must for dynamic sets…

Boom! Great stuff! Cheers!

Genius idea. This would be so very handy.

Hi there,

I just bought the Numark IDJ Pro, on my second with it - having moved over from mixing vinyl for years. I’m loving it, but I totally get what Meneer is talking about in the OP.

At present I have next to no music on my iPad, and am going through the process of converting vinyl and buying some of my back catalogue digitally. So… I have very few tags to work with at present.

I certainly keep a shortlist of “possible/definite” tracks near me as part of building a set on vinyl and it would be most useful to have this sort of feature in djay.

I’d like a shortlist and the ability to re-order them, in case you want to create a mini-set on the fly it’d be great to be able to move them around so that you get the three or four tracks together that you want to play during the set.

Thanks very much.

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We’re proud to present djay 2. This feature is now implemented in this new version. You can easily add songs to the queue by a simple swipe! :wink:

Yes i also own the Numark iDJ2 and now also the iDJ Pro.
I also miss the “crate” option from the iDJ2…
think it would be easy to implement :slight_smile:

I currently own and use the iDJ2 on all my gigs. The crate function is THE only reason I have not migrated to using the DJ app on a gig. I hoped the Numark DJ Pro controller would have been a nice upgrade in the software to add the CRATE functionality but no such thing at this point…still waiting