Shortcut "Jump to beginning on song" works only with "selected deck". Logic?


there are shortcuts “Jump to beginning on song”, which do not work if I assign them to Deck 1 or Deck 2. But they work if I choose “Selected Deck” instead.
The logic behind selection, I guess, is either Fader down and other Fader is up, or crossfader is left or right. I’d rather prefer a dedicated shortcut for Deck1 or Deck2 to not make a mistake on the fly.

I just hear the macOS system alarm.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi @SirHannes

  1. Can you please confirm if you are talking about MIDI commands for a DJ controller or keyboard shortcuts?

  2. I don’t have access to a Mac at the moment, but on iOS, the MIDI command to Jump to Beginning of Song is available for both Deck 1 and Deck 2 and it works as expected without the need to set the Target to Selected Deck.

  3. Can you please provide some screen shots of these MIDI commands on your system?

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Good point, I meant the shortcuts for macOS on my laptop.
This command works with “Selected Deck” only. Which isn’t as useful as having dedicated 2 shortcuts for Deck1 and Deck2.

@SirHannes I recommend you simply create a new keyboard shortcut for Deck 1 > Jump to Beginning of Song and for Deck 2 > Jump to Beginning of Song.

@Slak_Jaw You did not understand, that I tried that before, but they weren’t working. :slight_smile:
Now I can report this as a bug:

  • if you select these shortcuts, it might be that you have to toggle in the Preferences: Loading a new title: jump to Cue1 / none. Because after I changed this, the shortcuts here work both, for Deck 1 and for Deck 2. I do not have to use “Selected Deck” anymore.
    In between I did the Update already, but with the new version they did not work still. Only the toggle in the preferences worked.

@SirHannes okay, I understand. You can submit an official support ticket through the djay app under Settings>Contact Support. Please understand that we just released djay Pro 5.0 so our support team is quite busy answering questions. They will try to get to you as quickly as they can though. Thanks!

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