Shortcut to Switch Views between Instant & Manual FX

Is there a shortcut or midi command to switch the MANUAL ↔ INSTANT FX view?
(Or can both be displayed at the same time?)

gear: djay pro on Mac mini m2, macOS Ventura, midi mapping traktor kontrol S5 and F1

Hi @jefuqs, this is not currently possible in djay. However, I have changed this topic from a question to a suggestion and forwarded this to the dev team for consideration. In the meantime, please use the blue Vote button at the top left so we can gauge user demand for this feature. Thanks!

Great, thanks! That’s nice of you. I got so many wishes, I’ll try to contain myself :grin:

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You’re welcome @jefuqs. If you have other suggestions, please use the search tool first to see if they’ve been made already. If not, then please create new topics for each suggestion so we can comment on and track them individually. Thanks!

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