Should be able to export gig "History"

I would like to be able to print my history list. As is stands now, its only there to look at. And deletes itself for no reasons. I lost last nights gig list. Love Djay2!

Hi Greg,

The issue you’re referring to only started occurring with iOS 7 and is due to the fact that the songs may suddenly receive a different iTunes Persistent ID after syncing.

As already mentioned, our developers are aware of this issue and we’ll be sure to fix this with an update.

The history implementation is poorly thought out and poorly implemented. Histories will partially or fully delete themselves on the iPad version of djay2. There is no way to back them up or export to Mac. It was implemented over 6 months ago and it appears that it is not a priority to fix this obvious flaw.

Exactly. We waited all this time for a history feature and all we can do is access it from within Djay. Why can’t we export it to iTunes? Everything else in Djay rocks. Why this one major fail?!…

My history just got deleted too. Very frustrating.

Everything about DJay 2 is great, but without a reliable history feature, I can’t use it professionally.