should i change the sb3 for rev1 or impulse 500?

I have an sb3 and I’m thinking of changing to impulse 500 or rev 1. my concern is the effects, do they work well on these two controllers?

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While we cannot provide direct support regarding an open ended/preferential question such as this we’re excited to see what the rest of the community has to say about this.

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I’m curious what you don’t like about the SB3; since the rev1 is a direct replacement of the SB3, is any cost worth it in any case? IIRC the rev1 is more “battle style” hardware layout; do you have a hardware format style? There’s a ton of comparison videos of the SB3 vs Rev1 FWIW.

I was borrowing an SB3 from a friend to use at my smaller gigs. It worked well but when I decided to buy my own small controller I went with the Rev1. My friend actually offered to sell me the SB3 that I was borrowing but I like the layout of the Rev1 better. I prefer the paddles for effects and I like the larger jog wheels. I also prefer that the Rev 1 uses all 8 of the pads even though they are pretty small verses the SB3’s 4 pads. I imagine they both work the same with DJay Pro but I’ve only used the Rev1 with DJay Pro.

I bought a rev1 recently and on the wholes it’s a great low end solution if you like the battle layout and paddle fx, the jogs are decent and the crossfader cut can be tuned ridiculously sharp, only problem I have right now is a current bug in DJay pro that means the master cue button doesn’t work and you can’t get the master audio through the headphones without going into setting and manually adjusting the cue mix setting which is promptly forgotten when you exit the app on iOS…