Show "comments" row when showing search results.

Please add the “comments” row when searching for songs as there is where I store the key from Mixed in key. thanks!

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Thanks for the suggestion @Johan_Rosenberg. I have forwarded this to the dev team for consideration. Please use the blue Vote button at the top left so we can gauge user demand for this. Thanks!

Hi again @Johan_Rosenberg, can you please provide more context, i.e. which source are you using? If using My Collection can’t you simply select the main Music playlist and do a local playlist search there to have the full columns, including comments visible? Perhaps you can share some screenshots with notes to clarify specifically what you’re looking for. Thanks!

Sorry I realized that I could just right click and add “comments” to the search results. I’m happy! :smiley:

Great! Thanks for the follow up @Johan_Rosenberg.

I would like the “comment” to show beside the BPM on the decks. Like showing in my attached screenshot.

Okay, thanks for the screenshot @Johan_Rosenberg