Show Song Names on Display

It would be really awesome if we could have the song name displayed in the Video window and the artist, instead of just pre-built text snippets.

Maybe a way to do it:
I remember Zune music player (way back when) used to do a really cool visualization using fan art (which I believe Spotify has available) or if it was not available, tiled album art with some simple effects over top, it would be awesome if Djay could do something similar showing the current songs playing and not require very much interaction from the operator.

Thanks for the sick app, I LOVE djay Pro

This would be fantastic! And added to this, if you could also display the album art in the video window ! Somehow I can’t believe I’m the only one that thinks this would be cool. But up until now I only have two stars :frowning:
I can do stand that in DJay2 there was no video functionality but with DJ pro, this should be pretty easy to implement.

Hi William Seaton,

thank you for your post and the nice feedback we really appreciate it.
A track info visualisation is a good idea. I opened a new feature issue in our issue tracking system and it would be great if other users push the topic by “Me-Too”-ing it.

Lukas E.