Show the added date to the Music (iTunes) library

Please add an option to select the date of addition to djay or Music (iTunes) as the date of addition shown in the My Collection.
Or both can be shown.

I have been using Traktor for over 15 years and the add date is very important information when sorting my library.
However, since I only recently started using djay, a huge number of tracks have the same date of addition, which is not useful for sorting.

To solve this, I would like to be able to show the date of addition to the Music (iTunes) library.

I really like djay’s advanced mix-related features and enjoy DJing with them so much that I would definitely switch to djay.
However, djay’s song selection support features, such as library management and searching, are poor compared to Traktor’s.
I am a DJ who emphasizes song selection first and foremost, rather than the technical aspects of mixing, so I strongly urge more library-related features.

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Thanks for the another suggestion @discocactus. As with the others, I have forwarded this to the dev team for consideration.