Show Unavailable Tracks - Why an option??

I noticed last evening while doing an event using DJayPro 2 for Mac that I couldn’t find a few music files that I could in my Virtual DJ software. Anyway, I looked at the user guide and it mentioned “Show Unavailable Tracks” option in the Library. When I clicked that it did show the tracks. What is the detailed explanation why I would want the option to show or not show unavailable tracks? I mean the track was in my library so why didn’t it show in the first place?? Why did I have to “check” that option to make it show up?

Yes it did play but I’d really like to understand what the intent of the feature is.

I think the option is deigned to “filter” out things that may be in your library but will not play for one reason or another. I assume that reason could be anything from DRM limitation to some funky non supported sample rate or what ever.

Were you able to load and “play” unavailable tracks?

that is weird. MY understanding was it was for a situation where perhaps there is Meta data for a song in you library but the actual song is missing.

So the purpose would be the idea “Don;t show me anything I cannot actually play.”

The fact that you were able to play that asset sounds like a bug to me.

I would try to log a bug with them and upload the asset so they can see what is going on.