Shuffle in auto mix no longer available in Aotomix in Djay AI

Since Djay AI update i noticed that there is no longer the option to “Shuffle” songs? While in automix
This is absolutely crucial, as i use this feature at weekly corporate events for background music before the main part of the evening gets going!
I use auto mix for around 90 mins every week, i have a 7 hour playlist of suitable songs already to go, so when i use shuffle in automix each week, i get a varied random selection of tunes each week, but now the same songs are played at the exact same time each week!
This is an absolute No No!
Please advise if there is to be an update soon to correct this?
Why on earth would you remove the shuffle feature is beyond me?

Hi @chris_byrne1,

Thanks for asking this on our Community.

Are you using djay PRO AI for iOS? In that case, you can activate Shuffle here:

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Cheers, G

Yes im using DJ Pro AI thats Fantastic thank you :+1:

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