Silent Cue and the REV7...What?!

Last week, I spent a great deal more time learning about how and why silent cue. It’s a dedicated button on each channel of the DDJ-REV7, and Serato has just released an update that allows for silent cue to be mapped onto a controller or mixer.

It took me several videos and some hands-on to discover why silent cue is a big deal. If you have turntables or motorized platters, songs do not always start properly from the beginning properly. I’m still getting the hang of it, but works great.

So imagine my surprise, when I tried silent cue with the latest version of DJay Pro, which supports “mute” on the DDJ-REV7, which is what is labeled when using silent cue in Serato. I only tried it on a couple of songs, but it does work.

Nice one, Algoriddim!

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Hi @Velanche_Stewart,

We appreciate the kind words, and we are glad to hear you are enjoying the latest updates to djay and support for the REV7!

Feel free to reach back out to us with any additional feedback or concerns!