Silent Cue Point & Auto Echo Out Cue Point


Does Djay have silent Cue points?

Is a Auto Echo Out Cue Point possible?


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Hey @E_Flem ,

Thank you for posting this here in the Community!

To confirm, with “silent Cue points”, you are referring to the feature to mute one deck until you press a Hot Cue?

And when it comes to the " Auto Echo Out Cue Point" you also mentioned, could you please share an example of how that would work?

Cheers :slight_smile:

I mean when the song comes through the headphones, but once it hits the silent cue point, the crowd can then hear it.

And an auto echo out is kinda like auto mix but the song ends with an echo and doesn’t come back on. It’s then up to you to bring the other deck’s song into play during the echo out unlike auto mix which does it for you.

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Hey @E_Flem ,

Thank you for sharing this info, it’s helpful!

Now I’ll be looking into your questions with the help of our QA Team, and get back to you as soon as I have an update. Cheers :slight_smile: