Simple Dual Output Audio Interface (MacBook Air)

Hi. I’m looking to buy a MacBook Air to work with run my DJ setup. (I’d love to use my iPad Pro but can’t connect an external HD with all my music on) I’ll be using DjayPro2 software and need to know which hardware I need to allow the audio output to run to separate mixing desk channels. So I need a USB device which then lets me take separate outputs (RCA to Jacks?) Ideally small, neat and without any other bells and whistles. Any ideas? Thanks!

(I used to have a Gigaport AG on my Windows machine and I’ve seen the GIgaport HD but I’m looking for a cheaper option!)

Will this work?…

Hi there,

thank you for your post. 

Every USB soundcard which is supported by your MacBooks macOS will also work perfectly as external mixer device in djay Pro 2.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Thanks! I’m now trying to setup DJay Pro 2 on the new machine!

All of my music is on an external drive and I add the parent folder into the app but can only analyse one folder at a time? How can I scan the entire disk (thousands of folders.)

The search files function only works if I am in the already in the folder which contains the song I am searching for. Not very useful! Please help!

I have checked and search folder is not selected. Search box says ‘Search My Files.’