Simple fade-out — NO CROSSFADE — transitions for djay’s Automix feature

A feature I desire since day one in djay: a plain-vanilla fade-out curve in Automix — that is, the previous track fades out while the following track plays without any action on its volume level (no fade-in).

It’s something I and a lot of other people I talked to would find highly useful. By the way, I use djay Pro on my Mac, on my iPad Pro and on my iPhone, and I’d LOVE to see this feature implemented on all versions.

Presently djay’s Fade option offers a crossfade only mode in Automix (previous track fades out while following track fades in).

I’m attaching a picture to show what I mean.

By the way, this feature could have an interesting option: not only a parameter specifying the fade-out length in seconds, but also a parameter placing the following track’s beginning in a specific moment of the fade-out time, i.e. 1 to 5 where “1” places the following track at the very beginning of the fade-out curve and “5” at the very end (see picture) — although probably the best and less confusing solution would be specifying the “delay” in seconds after the fade-out begins, i.e. with a fade-out time of 8 seconds, specifying “2” as the beginning of the following track would mean that the track begins 2 seconds after the fade-out starts, so that there are 6 seconds of fade-out time [of the previous track] left when the track begins.

Great idea, would be very useful indeed.

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Glad you agree — and by the way, probably “voting” the topic may help the cause :slight_smile:

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so well explained! i love the automix function and its the most effective and userfriendly one i know already. And beats Spotify too! Yet this feature would make it better still.

Hi @robegian,

Thanks for your post and it’s good to see you on on our Community! I appreciate your very detailed and clear description of what you’d like to see added to Automix. I’ve passed your suggestion on to our Dev Team for further consideration. Thanks again for helping us improve djay!

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