Simple Hot Cue Question reloop Buddy

I must be the only person that doesn’t understand this. The old fashioned CUE button only markls a spot and snaps back to that location when hitting it and you have to hold it down to continue playing. After that if you want to continue you have to hoild CUE down and play to continue before letting go. The HOT CUES seem to be temporary as well. Then after the play button has been pressed it no longer latches to play. Whst is the deal here? It seems i can’t get HOT CUE to unlatch from play? Thanks for any help. Reloop Buddy running Djay Pro AI on Ipad

@Rickysee go to Settings-> General and adjust the Cue Point setting near the bottom.

As for the main Cue button, there are no settings to adjust. The behaviour you describe is pretty standard.

Thanks-Don’t know how I could have missed that.

You’re welcome. Happy to help

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