simple offline matching

First, i’d like to take the opportunity to thank the developers for creating an amazing application!

The only thing that is needed now to take it to the top, is offline matching of compatible songs.

it could be implemented (“simply”) by adding a button to the search dialog, let’s call it “match” for example.

Pressing this will be like applying a filter, resulting in that all songs listed is harmonically compatible with the current playing song (on whatever deck). The algorithm for this is simple and would follow the rules of harmonic mixing. if you add this you won’t have any problems with having to change the key system to the i.m.h.o better mixedinkey number system, or laternatively as has been suggested before here, making the key system modifiable. If we get a list of compatible songs from our own itunes we do not have to care about any keys at all, we just know they mix fine.

Two problems solved in one go without too much coding.

I think i can say without too much hesitation that i am not the only one that even would be prepared to pay for this extra feature as an addon

let’s face it, spotify offline will probably never happen, for many reasons