Simple Video Projection Setup on USB-C iPad Mini 6 with 2 Controllers

I recently bought latest iPad Mini 6, and despite the smaller screen (which admittedly is made worse by mixing audio and video), it’s a surprisingly powerful and portable device for live mixing, INCLUDING VIDEO. I believe the following details should work on any contemporary iPad with USB-C capability.

After experimenting and much net research, I landed on a solid and simple rig for getting video out while using two MIDI controllers. I’m able to run custom mpg videos and/or djay native video loops on both tracks, including multiple overlay videos from djay’s Looper tracks, WHILE running 3 audio and/or video effects simultaneously on both tracks (6 total) all without frame rate stuttering or the iPad breaking a sweat at all!

This doesn’t mean I haven’t had a crash or two and some flakiness that required restarts, but it’s surprisingly solid and responsive during the set.


  • iPad Mini 6
  • Higher powered USB-C charger (to keep iPad charged and support other devices plugged into adapter; I’m using the one that came with iPad Mini 6)
  • iPad USB C Hub, 7-in-1 Adapter
  • DJ MIDI Controller (I’ve been using the ultra-portable Pioneer WeGO4)
  • Novation Launchpad MIDI Controller (made for Ableton but works to control all of djay’s Looper tracks and one-shot Samples after making a MIDI map for WeGO4)
  • HDMI wire out to projector or monitor

Sometimes I use more controllers (like a USB-A MIDI interface for things like Korg Volcas or other MIDI devices to plug into). This requires a secondary powered hub.

I use a little 4 port powered USB-A hub that then plugs into the iPad adapter (where the orange wire to the launchpad is in the image; the Launchpad then gets plugged into the hub instead).


Hey @CliffyPop ,

Thank you for posting this and sharing your feedback in detail here in the Community.

Amazing post, truly informative and well written. It’s going to help a lot of users, no doubt!

Cheers :slight_smile:

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