Simultaneous playlists on auto Mix!

Auto mix playlists: Would love to select multiple playlists from both iTunes and Spotify simultaneously to auto mix from. Thank you for the updates!

Hi Craig,

thank you for your post!
Please try this workaround:
Go to your preferred Spotify/iTunes playlist and add the whole playlist to the queue by adding all to the Queue.

You do so in djay 2 / pro for the iPad:

  1. go to the extended library
  2. select the preferred playlist
  3. click on “More…”  the top right of the screen 
  4. select “Add all to Queue”

And for djay pro for Mac:

  1. select your preferred playlist in the library
  2. click on “X Songs” above the actual playlist right next to the name of the selected playlist
  3. select “Add all to Queue”

I hope this helps you out with your playlists.

Keep it up,
Lukas E.

Hi Paul,

I updated my last post, djay 2 works analog to djay Pro.
Have fun mixing.

and for djay 2 for Android?

hi lukas, thanks for the update! maybe I’m being stupid but I can’t find ‘more’ to select add all… but I’m not sure what ‘extended library’ is so maybe I’m in the wrong place entirely?!