Since IOS 8.1.1 app freezing on iPad2

Since the latest IOS update the app often got to be freezed, although the music is played further, i can manage nothing in the app and in this time i cannot use it with idj pro. So i have to close and reopen the app. It works again, but the lastest session and settings will be lost and lastest playlist won’t be saved in history. I use idj pro with iPad 2 (IOS 8.1.1) and ddjay 2 (“red” ver.)


* Does this also occur when you’re not using the iDJ Pro?
* How long does it take (after launch) for this problem to surface?
* Do you notice any pattern as to when the app freezes?

Hi Warren,

* I always use the iDj Pro so I can’t answer.
* It’s about after the first hour.
* When the app freezes the screen will be blured. After restarting the screen is normal again.

Before launch I always close every app and restart the iPad, because I think I can get free memory. Mostly I use songs from Spotify Library (both online and offline) but this problem occurs using songs from my iTunes library also.

I forgot to mention, that after the lastest freezing a crash report was sent for Algoriddim in Sunday evening.

I dont know what can be the problem. After ios 8.1.1 update was my ipad was slower, however Apple says that this update will increase the speed of the ipad2’s system. On 6.1.3 with jailbreak and a tone of cydia tweaks in my pad was faster and didn’t freeze anytime in the last 2 years! I only reason of giving up jailbreak and updating ios was this app (advanced for idj pro), because i couldn’t update it because of my old ios version. I want back my systemstability and speed!!
. . . and I almost forget: Please allow Spotify offline!!

Hello, this problem is not typical for iPad2. I have the same issue on a Air running 8.1. And I don’t use a controller. Looks to me like this problem started when the RED skin was released. Have had several freezes untill now. I’ts just the screen which seems te be freezing bit by bit. Music continuous playing. Also the search screen pops up without letters. Have to close the whole app and start again to fix.