Since updates, I no longer can keep BPM at constant

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iPad Pro 17.3.1 all current

iPhone 13 Pro
IOS 17.3.1
Most current
Native app on iPhone and iPad with no hardware.

I have gone from recording studio with all gear, to desktop, and had just about every App available for mixing and exporting since the iPhone and App Store became a thing. I love to slow beats down, override the key lock, synch a slower beat with the newest record loaded, keeping the lowered octaves associated with slowing down the beat. I never had a problem, maintaining consistent, slow down BPM and taking the key sink lock off and I have not been able to figure out what I need to do for the Control where my beats don’t just automatically raise to the predictable speed that they are recorded at. I don’t know if this makes sense but I prefer experimental even if it is popular music typically I’m just loading my own created sounds and recordings. Sometimes I will throw in Commercial record here and there. The app is becoming difficult to navigate There been a couple other engines that have sounded great. I miss traktor, also deej I felt had one of the best sounding audio, traktor DJ-2 sounded good, even Crossfade DJ had great sounding output. I think Djay 2 when hear side by side sounds better than the current DJ app. The app has crashed on my iPad a few times, but the main issue for me is what do a need to do to override the internal beat matching,( while utilizing it) so the the newly loaded record will maintain and also not jump up to 140 bpm, when I’ve got the first track syncing to 70 bpm.
Thank you,
Baddy Daddy on SoundCloud (David Johansson)

Hi @David_Johansson, I’m not sure that I fully understand your issue. Could you please try to capture a video of this to more clearly explain the problem? Once captured, please upload the video to your Dropbox/Google Drive, enable sharing permissions, then share a link to the video here.

Also, by most current version of djay, do you mean 5.1.2? Please always share the version number instead of “most current” or “latest”. Thanks!

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