Since ver. 4.0.10, the key does not change when the pitch is changed?

(I don’t remember how the previous ver. worked.) If I change the pitch with no key lock applied, the key does not change.
Of course, the key can be changed by changing it in the key selection on the screen, but has this been the case before?

I’ve verified this in more detail.
When the App is launched and the song is loaded, the key also changes when the pitch is changed.
Once the key is changed, the key is not changed even if the pitch is changed after that.

Hi @nicefinga, changing the key of the song (via the popup) implicitly enables key-lock, which you can see from the note icon underneath the sync button turning blue. Once key-lock is enabled, changing the RPM will not change the pitch. You can turn off key-lock at any time by tapping the note icon.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks @Anders,

I knew that too.
If you watch the video, you can see (it may be hard to see, but it’s around 43 seconds) that I turned off the key lock.
I reported it because the key still does not change.

Best regards.

So what you did was actually turn off the pitch lock, not key lock. Those are two different things. In your video, I see you are trying to turn off the key lock function and switch between 33RPM to 45RPM. What you need to do instead is tap the music note next to the tempo slider in the app. Hard to explain it in depth but there is a reason for key lock and pitch lock. It’s under MIDI mapping for both of those. Not that I ever use it but pitch lock is a technique for DJ’s to preset the key of the track, while key lock will lock the set key while the tempo is adjusted.

I don’t remember the pitch lock turning back on when changing the key with -/+. Hope that gets fixed.

Yes, exactly what @DJ_Norm said: you turned off pitch, but key lock stayed on. Tapping the note icon underneath the SYNC button lets you turn off key lock. :+1:

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@DJ_Norm @Anders
My apologies. It was my mistake in checking.
It is working fine now!


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