Single deck MIXING mode for iphone/ipad

the other night i was plugged in to a friend’s rig where other instruments were plugged in and i wanted to beatmix a track into what was playing. you know, old school like actual beatmix by adjusting the pitch fader. i was kind of surprised i couldn’t do this with djay pro on my iphone.

i saw another thread (titled similarly to this one) where people were asking for a single deck mode so that the jog could take up the whole screen on an ipad. and it says that feature was implemented in djay 2. i also have djay pro on my ipad and i don’t see that mode there… was it removed?

i know this is a DJing app (in the 2+ decks sense of the word) but i’m thinking of being able to plug in to someone else’s mixer and join in whatever fun is happening there… need to be able to MIX. could we get a screen mode with a pitch fader that runs the length of the screen? transport, eqs and such off to the other side.