Single-Deck Mode

will it be possible in the future to turn the ipad and only one turntable shows like it already works on the iphone? Sometimes you only need one turny within complete dj setup.

To clarify: simply rotate your iPad into portrait mode to get the single-deck view in djay 2.

Hi Till,

Thanks for your support. I changed this into a feature request.


We’re proud to present djay 2. This feature is now implemented in this new version.

Hi David,

Not at the moment, sorry.

Hi Rvision,

Thanks for your feedback.

Please feel free to post them as “ideas” here in the forum. Please make sure to search for similar ideas first before creating a new thread.

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Zoom IN one deck full screen. Djay iPad.

An idea for DJay for iPad.

a button that zooms IN only to one deck in order to work with it in full screen instead of having two decks in the screen.
In this way you can have a turntable big as much as a jog wheel of a Pioneer CDJ. Much more comfortable.

To switch to the other deck just a slide with 2 or 3 fingers.

I would like to use 2 iPads like Wesley said. Single turntable mode is great, but it would be MUCH better with these features:

  • ability to remove crossfader as it’s using a lot of screen space (I’m mixing with external mixer)
  • resize all controls, make them bigger - especially library font, and make looping/fx controls visible both at the same time
  • sync with other iPad via bluetooth

and the last one I forgot:

  • display BPM value (when sliding) with 2 decimal places, NOT percentage. What use is percentage change of track speed?

I will buy this app… but only if it has single turntable mode. I have two iPads with an external mixer. Seems like this would be a pretty simple feature. Especially since the iPhone version has it…

Is it possible to access automix without turning the ipad landscape as I use it in a dock?

I’m a radio DJ and use the iPad in the numark idj pro setup where it seats in the unit in portrait mode.
Now every time I put it in the numark it goes into single deck mode and I want to have both decks visible. Is there a way to change it back to double deck mode in portrait position? This is super annoying and I’ve been having to use idjay1 instead every time I do my show! Thanks

Single Deck Mode in Djay 2 or Djay Pro, in Landcape view.

BIG, Traditional CUE & PLAY/PAUSE Buttons.
Traditional red and green colors.
Djay’s transport buttons look stupid.