Single deck on djay Pro for iPad

I would love to see a single deck view on djay Pro for iPad as on djay 2 for iPad and djay Pro for iPhone (see image below).
So that it would be possible to use two iPads as players and a mixer in between (like Juicy M here:

Hi there,

thank you for your post. I see your problem and forwarded the thread internally. Would be great if other users post the topic by upvoting it.

Lukas E.

Use djay 2

Are you using video ? If you want to use it as player only all the functionality of djay pro are not necessary because your mixer will do the job.

Ummm… nope

I know I could use djay 2, but I don’t want. I just discovered that djay Pro for iPhone can do this, djay 2 for iPad can do it so i asked myself why not djay Pro for iPad. That’s why I suggested it here.

upvote :slight_smile:

I have djay Pro. How do I set up my iPad to look like a single player like the picture above. I have 2 iPads and want to use them as players to mix like Juicy M