Skip by 4,8,16,32 beats feature!?

I was a fan of the pacemaker app for iPad before using djay. One feature they had which I don’t think this app has is the ability to skip forward or backward in a track by a number of beats e.g. 4, 8, 16, 32. I used this function all the time, as sometimes you want to track back as you need more time to pre-queue or something and by skipping back a set number of beats if you time it right the listener can’t even tell you’re back pedalling. I can see the value in hot queues to jump around within a track but I just wanted to pop this in the ‘suggestion box’ as I did use it a lot on pacemaker! You don’t always have the time to plan out your hot queues particularly if it’s a track someone in the room has requested and you haven’t heard it before (or if you’ve had a few to drink)!

Would anyone else find this a useful feature to have or is it just me?

When using the Reloop Beatpad pressing [shift] + [arrow right / arrow left] skips 1 bar. Not the same, but counting gets you there.

+1 for this feature please! Would love to have it incorporated into the Beatpad mapping as well.

Any update? Would love to see this.

Any update about reintroducing this feature? I miss it from DJAY 2 and it’s the one feature keeping me from using it as my primary DJ software. Thank you!

Luke, thank you so much for this idea! You’re definitely having a point!
As far as djay Pro is concerned, you can skip through the playing track by pressing the keyboard shortcuts “3” and “4”.

We’ll definitely reconsider this…

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please can we get the skip function in iday2 for ipad -
also as requested a beat grid over the wave form at the top of the interface would work…

Not very ‘Pro’ that is it really pressing keys on a keyboard? Such a shame it’s been left off, has the new upgrade brought the feature that works a treat for live mixing on djay 2 back to the UI?

I use it all the time in djay 2 for both live mixing but also to set cue points when prepping. djay pro is not an option to upgrade to until this is resolved. glad you guys give the chance to try it out as a demo first though.

Another update I see, any progress on bringing back the lovely skipping tool or do I just stick with my trusty djay 4 ?

It is the feature lacking that stops me from upgrading the software, pure craziness that it was removed from the UI, almost like removing the play button!

Still missing I see. Good job my old djay still works a treat!

Would be great if it came back then I could upgrade. My djay 4.2.3 is looking a little dated but still does the business I use my computer keyboard only. Perhaps they do it on purpose so you have to buy a controller? Would love to see what I could do with four tracks to play with…

Midi Mapping Djaypro 1.1. Most of it fantastic thank you. Great you have added Beat Jump mapping but I Need Beat Jump 32 or 16. You guys stopped at 4. How about in th next update you added Beat Jump 32 for those of us who use beat jump to move forward or backward a phrase.

This feature is a small thing which makes a huge impact - are there technical limitations why you can only beat jump 1,2,3,4?

Traktor lets you do:
1/128, 1/64, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32

The fractional amounts are great for aligning two tracks at the same BMP, and the big ones let you avoid using loops and quickly navigating through a track. This is a critical feature for me, and I will stick with Traktor until you guys have it! Thanks so much, really looking forward to the direction your product takes.

someone found a way to make a beat jump with reloop beat pad 2?

hello, can you help me find more information about beat jump on reloop beatpad 2? thank you

Agreed with all of the above. Hey PMs: let me write some user stories for you!

As a DJ, I want the ability to skip back or forth by 1/2/4/8/16/32 so that I can time my drops better when mixing. Without this feature, I have to manually rewind the song looking for the place that will line up my drops. Especially in songs where the drop is syncopated by 4 beats, this can lead to mistiming drops and killing the vibe in my set.

It is even more challenging when I don’t know the song that I’m playing like the back of my hand (with new music, songs i haven’t played in a long time etc.) to be able to sync them properly.