Skipping tracks in a playlist when in Automix

Is it possible to skip the next queued track when using Automix with a playlist? You can select an alternative track to play next but then Automix always returns to the playlist sequence. I just want to skip the cued track and cue up the next track on the playlist to be played when the current track is finished.

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Playing next song.

If I’m playing a list I created how do I have it go to the next song automatically ?

Hi John,

This is currently not possible. I’ll change this into a feature request (=idea).

djay 2.2.2 is out!

Thank you for your continued feedback. Over the past months we have been hard at work improving almost every aspect about djay 2 in this free update for you, most notably:

• Sound: added audio limiter, no more distortion no matter how much you turn up the bass, filter, effects, etc. (turn on/off in Settings > Advanced)
• Effects: fixed volume drop
• Key detection: added setting to turn harmonic match on/off (Settings > Audio Analysis)
• Automix: many improvements including the option to select albums, to only use songs from queue, or to use current playlist selection in library as the source (e.g. history, artists, genres, etc.)
• Queue: added setting to keep songs in the queue after they are played (Settings > Library)
New gesture: swipe down the load button to automatically play the next track from your current playlist selection
• Enhanced song loading menu: available using tap-and-hold on load button
• iDJ Pro: added firmware upgrade that fixes channel swap issue and improves compatibility with iOS 7
• Various bugfixes and performance improvements

Thank you for using djay 2, please support us by rating the app with every update. We are looking forward to your feedback!

Your Algoriddim team

Hi Phil,

swipe down the load button to automatically play the next track from your current playlist selection.

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skip number during automix.

Is it possible to easilly skip the number that is being set up on the inactive turntable during automix?

It is sad that such a mandatory feature is missing. Makes the App not usable for a specific user group - all who organize dance events where dances are running in blocks of 3-5, you do not have a permanent DJ and sometimes during the evening need to skip a block of songs. Would be so easy with such a feature, but it seems the app is designed only for full time DJs who can play with the toy all evening :frowning:

Hi, what’s so complicated about this feature - select a song later in the queue and just continue from that selected point, or at least allow to skip on the currently inactive turntable … sometimes the little things make the difference - in this case it makes the iPad app totally useless. Talking about djay 2.

I would like this fix to be added also.

Touch and hold down the load button (the one with the note symbol and + sign on it above and to the left of the turntable) and select “Load Next”. Or touch and slide the load button and the next track in the playlist will load up.

Well done Algoriddim for implementing this feature so well! I’ve been waiting for this for quite a while and now DJay 2 does everything I want/need, simply brilliant guys!

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A button to skip the next playlist track?.


We’ve just had a great night of dance using Djay 2 on iPad.

I had Djay set up so that it worked its way through a shuffled playlis of great dance tunes.

However every so often the playlist throws up an unsuitable track, so it would very useful to be able to skip the next track without loosing the place on the shuffled sequence from the playlist. (Or have I just missed it?)

Apart from that I give you great credit for such a well thought out and easy to use App!


Hi - I am using the Mac version… how do I skip to another song on the queue list within auto mix? I have read through the comments above but cannot find the load’ button anywhere??!