Slice Mode - how to automate it or map it to a controller button?

I don’t like the default behaviour of slicer mode in my controller (reloop buddy) on Djay Pro AI. When I trigger it on the controller, it doesn’t quantise and the only way to get it to behave like I want is to change this:

I need to map it to my controller or even better, automate it to be on when I toggle slice mode on my controller. How do I do it?


Hi @djskarpia,

You can midi-map that switch to a particular button. Follow the MIDI Learn instructions here.
And for the desired button select
Target: Deck - Category: Slicer - Action: Toggle Slicer
This slices the current bar (4 beats) into 8 slices. When one of the slice pads is pressed, then playback jumps to that beat.