Slice mode not working for first 4 beats of some songs (Djay Pro on Mac)

Djay Pro 2 Mac - 2.0.10

I’m noticing that the Slice mode (for a deck waveform) does not behave properly during the first 4 beats of some songs. I use the slicer mode to create cues that are automatically aligned with a beat (i.e. cues are always quantized), which I cannot do easily without this mode. Clicking on one of the 4 segments in slicer mode (and releasing the mouse button) brings the playhead back to the previous beat, which is great. However for some songs, clicking on these segments does nothing, if it’s near the beginning of the song, leaving me no options to set a cue exactly on one of the first beats.

A good example of this problem is with “Music Sounds Better With You - 12” Club Mix” by Stardust, with song length of 3:56. If you open this song from spotify and load it onto a deck, and then activate the slicer on the waveform, then you’ll notice this issue on the first four beats of the song.

With “Music Sounds Better With You - 12” Club Mix”, if I adjust the beatgrid by setting the first downbeat a fraction of a second later, I no longer notice the issue, and clicking anywhere on the first 2 beats lets me effectively snap to a beat. However, my beatgrid is now slightly off, and not perfectly aligned with the beats.

I notice this issue with about 20-25% of all songs I load, forcing me to set cues by just eyeballing it, or discarding the first four beats of the song entirely by setting the first cue / (ex. Song start) after those beats. The issue is not intermittent and seems entirely dependent on the song.

Any ideas for workarounds, or does anyone else notice this issue?

I’ve sent a video to detailing the issue

thank you!!

Hi Jason,

Thank you very much, we are working on it.

Lukas E.