SLIP Mode on iOS + Echo freeze

Hello, can anybody explain me how the SLIP Mode works?
Is it just for scratching without leaving the song, or can it be used also for loops like on CDJs?
To be honest, I did not understodd it till now :slight_smile:

Additional, is it possible to realize a kind of “echo out” or “Echo freeze” FX?
So within a vocal loop for example, drop in an “never ending” echo FX, also the track ends (or will be stopped).

THX to all

I just tested and slip does not work on loops. It works when you manipulate the waveform, such as scratching or backspins. If I recall, there may be some effects that behave differently when slip is engaged.

I’ve been asking for echo freeze for years! I just do it manually which takes a little practice. For a one beat echo freeze, set the echo parameters with the left knob all the way to the left and the right one within your desired range for the length of trail. I’m usually around 80%. This is where the practice comes in. You’ll engage the FX at your chosen time then count exactly one beat and then touch the waveform. This is where slip comes in handy if you are not exiting the song.