Slip Mode - Scratch While Track Plays

I’d like to scratch while a song is playing so I can hear both at the same time. It seems Slip Mode (Command + scratch in the software) allows you to scratch while the track moves along but you only hear the scratching & not the track playing at the same time. Anyone know of a way to scratch and hear both at the same time?

For context I am a beginner using Djay Pro 2 V2.2.8 on a Mac with a DDJ-SB3. Also this DJ Deck doesn’t have a “Slip” button. Thanks in advance for any insight.

If you’re looking to scratch the same song while the song is still playing, you would need to double that track (one for each deck). That is the only way. A quick method of doing so would be to MIDI map a button on your controller for “Double Track” to load the same track on the opposite deck. This comes in handy for beat juggling or trick mixing. You can also apply Slip Mode on the secondary track to scratch while maintaining playback and stay in sync with the primary track. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Great, thanks a lot. I think I follow that. Much appreciated.

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