Slow Analyze Songs on DjayPRO Windows 11

Hello friends, sorry for my bad English.
How long does a song take to analyze Key?
On SeratoPro, my TIDAL playlist takes some minutes to do, it analyzed many tracks at one time but DjayPro analyzes them one by one I think.
Or do I make any mistake in setting?
Please help, I just have 266 tracks but I think it will take hours to done.

I’ve used this trick on spotify and tidal and on my macOS.

I added all new songs to automix queue.

**Then modified :

  • transition : automatic
  • duration : manual 10 s

Song range:

  • start position : automatic
  • end position : automatic
  • maximum song play duration 30-50s**

This depends a lot how fast internet download you have. I find out that 30-50s was good enough for me to get 95-100% of the songs analyzed, for my avg 40-60 Mbps download speed. Sometimes there were tunes without analyzed info, but those tracks was easy to see on the play history.

And your computer could do the thing while you are sleeping.

And if you thing why the analyzation is slow: songs needs to be downloaded on the background before it can be analyzed. If you use Tidal and FLAC, you gonna need fiber network connection.

My internet is fast enough and I knew it.
Your method didn’t work for me sir.
So this is a problem we can’t solve ?
So slow sir :frowning:

Haven’t used app on windows, so can’t be sure.

Yes, it’s not optimal on macOS either as the BPM detection is full range i.e 0-200.

As serato has this optional setting for BPM detection i.e. you can select the analysis range, that might be the reason for faster analysis speed.