Slow Refreshing waveform view

When you switch from the visual library expanded to normal or activate the mixer and remove it, the waveforms are not immediately visible, but the view is updated with a lag. if there are 4 loaded tracks we first see the track 3 then the 1 the 2 and the 4, practically from left to right. It’s quite annoying it seems to have a slow PC and I own a Macbook Pro 2017.

Ok lets work this out… This lagg… is due to low space or full cache. Do a disk clean up…run a memory diagnostic…close all back round running apps like, Google,skyp,facebook,instagram,remove all this takes up space and runs in backround,interfears with play proformace also trouble shoot network connections…see if all this works for you… Let me know

Ok it seems to me… Like you pretty much done it all… Ok lets try this…do and uninstall of your djpro app…don’t worry if you purchased it you won’t have any problem redownloading it from your app store library and all your inapp-purchases it can be you have a corrupt update. Some were…try a fresh download this will work that’s if you have not done so…let me know if this works for you…

Hello thanks for the answer, the Mac is clean and I use it practically only for music: SSD 512 in 2 partitions, System with free 60.88 GB and Data with free 145.52 GB. La Cache, already clean both System and User. I do not use any programs started when I use the DJ Pro 2. 16 GB of RAM and with Dj Pro 2 open are 4.35 GB used.
However, I ran a RAM test that did not give any problems.
I also tried to make the metadata unsuccessful in Djay pro 2.
But are the waveforms immediately open to you or is there a minimum of lag?

Macbook Pro 2017 - I7 2.9GHz - 16Gb Ram - SSD 512 - Radeon Pro 560 4Gb + Intel HD 630 1.5Gb
High Sierra 10.13.6 - Djay Pro 2 2.0.7

I add that the Lag is evident higher is the Zoom Waveforms, I zoom it use as in the picture:

Thanks, I’ve sent a video to the assistance, I’m waiting for their response. The problem of the Lag makes it from the first release, I started from version 2 just released with the new Macbook Pro, in fact I have reported as a problem on the Italian APP Store, but since they changed the 4 deck display in 2.0. 5 began to do a Waves at a time, starting from left to right and I find it annoying, as during the evenings I have to go continuously between the expanded library view to that of the Waves.As soon as I can, however, I will try to reinstall it, but they are all tests for me as usual work in the computer field.
In this post I had already reported without confirmation of assistance.…

There is someone who can verify if he has this anomalous lag in the display of the waves at the change of the display between expanded library and no. You can try putting 4 decks with loaded tracks and then pressing enter on the keyboard to change displayv (it also makes it with 2 but 4 is more evident).
The problem occurs on the Djay Pro 2 for Mac version.
For the iPad versions both Djay Pro and Djay 2 the visualizations are immediate.
Thank you all