slow samples in hercules starlight controller

You will know why the samplers I record sound slow when I connect my hercules starligth controller when I’m only with the iphone they sound good but when I connect the midi controller and launch the samplers from the pads they sound slow … I already check the time but it does not improve anything

Hi @Jonatan,

Thanks for posting in the Algoriddim community.

Could you please tell us:

  • What devices do you use?
  • What iOS/macOS version are you running?
  • Do you regularly use NeuralMix?

Hope to hear from you again.

That’s strange. I bought a Hercules Starlight controller, essentially because it’s a usb sound card and has 8 pads to trigger samples, just to play jingles from an iPad for radio shows. The samples play fine, the same if triggered using the controller buttons as just by touching the screen with no controller connected.