Slow Searching with Very Larger Music Library

Hi y’all! As the title stated, i have a very large library (300k tracks) and when i use djay pro AI: playing a track is no problem, but it’s when i go to search for a track is when the ui freezes and takes a while to respond (it does eventually respond).

I have tried doing the same search in vdj, sdj pro, and no issues!

I am running it off of a brand new laptop that has no software installed except dj software. Im using itunes for my music/playlists and I’m using an external drive.

Hi @Beepboop00, to help us reproduce and troubleshoot your issue can you please provide more details?

  1. Which library source within djay Pro are you using when searching? My Collection, Music, iTunes, Explorer, Beatport, etc.
  2. What version of Windows and djay Pro are you using?

I have an old i5 Windows laptop along with about a 300k library. I can run test on DJay search speed vs VDJ vs Serato. It will just take me a day or two to index the library in each system I think, since I have never DJ’d from it.

Hey there! So i am using windows 11, and the newest version of djay pro for windows!

I have tried using my collection, explorer, and itunes, and all have the above mentioned issue sadly!

Hey stevie, sorry I’m just responding now! If you dont mind me asking if you could do that, i also want to ask you: are your tracks stored on an external drive or internal?

Edit: i know vdj and serato are instant (i use both). Its only djay pro that’s giving me long search times!

Thanks for the information @Beepboop00. We will try to reproduce this issue on our end and get back to you.

I should also note that all of my tracks are analyzed in djay pro!

Edit: Does it have to index the library after it’s been analyzed or once they’re all analyzed: they should be ready to go?

Hi @Beepboop00,

  1. There’s no index, and analyzing the library won’t have any effect on search performance.
  2. Can you please confirm if you are searching the entire library 300k tracks or just within a playlist?
  3. Could you please try to capture a short video of this and upload it to your Dropbox or Google Drive and share a link to it here? Please remember to open sharing access to the file before posting the link here so we can download and view it. Thanks!


Re: 2: i am searching within the 300k library.

3: here is the folder: the first video is djay pro. The 2nd video is just to compare the search time between vdj and serato vs djay pro.

Hi @Beepboop00, you forgot to attach the links.

A little update: I’ve done some testing and i notice it only happens when I’m in the itunes music (all 300k songs), and only when (search playlist is selected) but also in search music (although not as long of a wait).

Thanks for the videos and additional information @Beepboop00

Slackjay may be able to confirm, but if you are searching through the Apple Music library. It is using Apple Music’s database which would be massive with 300k tracks. Do you let Apple Music “manage” your music? Aka it puts it in that crazy artist/album/ folder structure?
I manage my own music, by having all my tracks in folders according to genre. Then manually add that library to djay.

So: i only use iTunes and not apple music and i have my music organized by folders based on what’s on my external hard drive!

Edit: ahh i see what you meant about having it put into that artist/album/song structure. I turned that off!

Edit 2: when you say manually add your library to djay, do you mean dragging each folder into my collection?


  1. The team is looking into this further, but they think iTunes will have a challenge with a library for 300k songs.
  2. They are recommending that you just import the entire music library into My Collection.
  3. You can do this quickly by creating a playlist in the My Collection source called Music then selecting the Music playlist in iTunes that contains your 300k songs and Add All to Playlist…

So: the only issue is you i believe are on mac and windows doesn’t have any options other than analyze songs under that drop down arrow. :frowning:

@Beepboop00 can you please provide a screen shot like I shared above, but on your Windows setup?

That’s what’s on windows.

Hi @Beepboop00, thanks for the screen shot.

  1. I don’t use iTunes on my Windows laptop, but please try expanding the Library View then,
  2. Enabling Split Library view via the Up Arrow near My Collection then,
  3. Drag-and-drop from your iTunes Music to My Collection.

Thats what I’m currently doing right now! If this makes it faster, i will post a final update!