Slow track loading Do I need to whitelist on corporate antivirus software?

Is there a website we need to whitelist in our corporate firewall, or antivirus software?
We are using both windows 10 and MacOs versions. In 3 different studios.
Tracks do load, but very slowly. Tracks have been analyzed. Internet is cabled at 1+gbps.
Same tracks, on same tidal accounts, with same cue points. Load instantly at home, on 590Mbps wifi.
Even new, un-analyzed tracks load faster at home, rather than at work.
Being used for live TV broadcast (Apra details always filled out). Not been caught out yet, but some very close calls.
Any help appreciated.

Hi @Steve_Houston,

Thanks for reaching out about this. I’ve seen that you’ve also reached out to our Support Team for 1:1 support via email. Please continue the conversation via email as my colleague will be asking you for some further details about your individual setup to get to the bottom of this.

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