Small DJ-Controller for DJAY (macOS)


i am searching a small dj-conroller for DJAY Pro on macOS. Had the Reloop Buddy, but had hardware issues. Now i am thinking of Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 or Pioneer DDJ-FLX4. I have concerns because the DDJ-FLX4 is apparently not actually intended for DJAY Pro.Need a quality small two deck controller with big wheels for a newby. Don’t need 100.000 gimmicks. Any recommendations?

Greetz CHris

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Here is a full list

Of course, the Flx4 is primarily intended for use with Rekordbox, but it can also be used with Djay Pro. This worked very well for me at the time, but I also used a customized mapping.
The Hercules Inpulse 500 could also be an alternative. Slightly larger, but with more controls, an additional aux input and colored performance pads - and cheaper than the Flx4.

Those controllers were intended for different DJ software, but both work great with djay Pro! I’ve used them both at gigs with djay Pro and currently own an FLX4. Also worth checking out are the Numark Mixtrack and Hercules controllers.

FWIW - For iOS device, the FLX4 has the best charging/cable support.

Thanks. I like USB-C!

Greetz Chris

Hi, have you been using Djay Pro for a long time? I’m a Traktor user and really digging the last Djay Pro 5 update. Traktor is super stable at party’s where ii’m playing. Wondering about the stability of Djay Pro. Thanks

I’ve only been using Djay Pro for a few months. So far I’ve been impressed by Djay Pro’s stability and gui. I want to be halfway fit with a DJ controller by next Halloween. I have an iPad mini 6, but I think I’ll want to DJ more with my MacBook Air. I know the company Native Instruments from before, when I made music as a hobby. At first glance I didn’t like their DJ software for the Mac that much. To me, Djay Pro feels like it’s made from a single mold; especially since I can then run their software on iPhone, iPad and Mac for just €30/year. I like that.

alright thanks. I’m looking to use my hardware, Traktor Kontrol S5 (and F1) in combo with Djay Pro. Those stems are so awesome. Already spotted a guy on this forum that has a Traktor Kontrol S8 mapping working.

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I received an email from Pioneer support asking whether the FLX4 was really not compatible with the Djay Pro macOS app.

“Unfortunately, the DDJ-FLX4 is only compatible with the djayPRO (iOS) app. I’m very sorry that I don’t have better news.”

I still don’t understand why I received such an answer from them.

Edit: A Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 arrived here today and is going straight back. iPad mini 6 won’t charge. Native Instruments software on M1 MacBock Air with audible delay. Could not connect to Djay Pro (macOS). Could not connect to Djay Pro (iOS). The device is probably defective.

@Chq the FLX4 is compatible with djay for macOS, iOS and Windows.

The flx4 arrived at my house earlier. What can I say - it just plays perfectly with my iPad and Mac, even though I haven’t even connected a power supply yet. I’m glad to have finally found a suitable controller that expands my USB-C device park in a meaningful way. thanks for your input!

Greetz Chris

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That’s great news @Chq. Thanks for the update.

The Buddy is a pretty good compact small controller that doesn’t break the bank,
Only wish it had brighter LED’s on the pads

I use my DDJ 800 and works perfectly with Djay Pro Ai on MacBook Air M2, latest OsX

MIXTOUR PRO and you are covered

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