Small interface that powers the iPad?

I have the Griffin DJ Connect, it broke almost immediately, the RCA outputs are now unusable so I have to use my iPad’s headphones out as main output, and the DJ Connects phones out to go to the mixer for cueing. However the volume knob is also glitchy so I’m afraid it will break down completely soon…

Is there any small interface similar to the DJ Connect that can also power the iPad? (have a 8 hour per night, 6 nights in a row gig coming up, don’t want it to break down or the iPad to run out of power).
Am I correct that the NI Traktor Audio 2 mk2 still isn’t fully compatible with DJay 2?(not the ugly pro version)

It’s way too big… Don’t need any faders or buttons… The DJ Connect had been perfect if it had been of a better quality and could power the iPad…
The Traktor Audio would be good too if it was fully compatible…

Yeah, DJd with vinyls in the 90s… Nobody pays enough these days to carry those around! :wink:

But, the iPad is already the ultimate control interface… I have no need for any buttons or faders…

Well, I guess I could live with the size of the Mixtour, but not the price… It’s quite a chunk of money for something I don’t really want.

BUT! I think I have found the solution!
Apple’s new Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter. It’s supposed to allow you to charge the iPad while having a USB thingie connected… €45 instead of €120 for Audio 2 + power adapter or €179 for the mixtour… and I get to keep using a small device! (I’m still worried that the DJ Connect will break down though).

Success!!! The new Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter works great with DJ Connect and powers both devices! DJd 48 hours in 6 days, no problems!

Try the Reloop Mixtour.

Well, see? Would have been / not fully compatible… all compromises for an in my opinion overpriced product.
“Big” really is the last word I think of when holding the mixtour in one hand (it’s about half the size of a paper magazine). The audio quality is fine and it allows you to actually *control* the software.

My 2 cents: personally, I cannot imagine DJing without any external hardware, as one would never ever operate record players just using one finger.
10 years ago, I carried a whole trunk of vinyl / CDs each evening, so that tiny little Mixtour thingie is, in comparison, more than a benifit.

But that’s how opinions differ. :wink: