Small issue with the Reloop mixtour.

  1. When I connect to djay pro notice that logo of Reloop don’t pop up. Does on djay 2.
  2. When I have my volume on low. Sometime it will rise up on its own
  3. Led meter switch are the same level when switch them to either mst or ptf. I thought the mst is for speaker or out monitor an ptf is cue or control gain on decks.
  4. Sometime the play or cue button flickers
  5. Sometime on the led one green light bar will stay on for 3 sec after the track is done
    Forgot to mention am using djay pro for iPad

Is that dj pro on ipad or mac?

I noticed some problems too but only if i have both apps open … Did you try closing both apps and resetting the ipad? Worked for me

Odd … I hope you find the solution soon

Hi there,

we are aware of this problem and working on it. Thank you for your feedback Steven V.


Hi Tattoo John,

thank you for your feedback. Could you send us an exemplary video via

That would help us tons in order to reproduce the issue.

Lukas E.


Yes sir! I try everything still get that problem. Most likly software for to get tweet up. Since everything is new to Reloop

Even the led meter don’t work right.

Hi I’ve just purchased a mixtour and I’m getting some of these problems vu meter stayes green on bottom led for 3 or 4 second’s after track finishes also when gain is turned down I can still hear the track also no reloop logo on start up I’m using iPad air up to date and djay pro just wondering if you had a fix for this , cheers John

I had the same issue sometimes on high audio level the filter led or prelisten buton flickering and I fixed it by bringing up the brightnes on Mixtour. You can do that by pressing both play buttons and power the controller holding the buttons. To adjust the brightness up, rotate the TRAX-encoder.
Hope this helps.