Smallest DJ audio interface that works with iPad and DJAY (like Traktor audio 2)

The Traktor audio 2 is a perfect interface for my needs except that it doesnt work with DJAY on iPad.

Whats the next best thing. Small form factor. Dual stereo out for headphone pre-queueing?

Seems like there is nothing that exists?

Why does the Traktor Audio 2 not work - have you tried a powered USB hub with it and the iPad?

I have a Traktor Kontrol F1 that won’t work either (due to insufficient power supplied by the iPad) and I want to try a powered USB hub to see if it will maybe help.

Ok, so I was wrong!! Turns out it does work. I thought I even read somewhere that it was not compatible.

Here’s what confused me in case anyone else has the same issues:

When you connect the Audio2 there are many places which effect what you here

  1. DJAY Settings Audio device setup Master Volume Level and PreCue Level and channel routing
  2. The volume encoders on the side of the Audio2
  3. The iPad volume buttons

Here’s how I set it up:

  1. In DJAY settings Audio Device setup Route 1-2 to main and 3-4 to Pre-Cue
  2. In DJAY settings set Master Volume to Max, PreCue Vol to Max, CueMix to 0
  3. On the iPad turn the volume up to (nearly) Max (ensures loud master output)
  4. On the Audio2 use the encoder on the Main side to adjust cue mix. All to top for just CUE
  5. On the Audio2 use the encoder on the Cue side to adjust headphone Volume

No need to map or use the PreCue Vole and pre cue mix in DJAY settings at all.

@DSOUND I do use a USB-C hub with power delivery. Thanks for commenting. I honestly didnt think it worked with iPad.



Was it just the powered USB hub that made it work? Can you mix in 4 deck mode and still preview each track with the Audio 2?

If so I may just have to buy one!

I think it worked all along I just got confused with all the places you can change volume. See my post above ^^
I didnt try 4 deck mode but could pre cue with 2 decks no problem and just use the cue mix and cue vol on the device not the software equivalent

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So if you use the hardware controls to queue, how does the hardware know which of the decks you want to preview? Especially in 4 Deck mode you need to be able to select which deck to preview on the Traktor 2?

Just to clarify when I said “use hardware controls” that is just for Cue/Master Mix and headphone volume. They are the only hardware controls on the Audio2.

You will need to use the software CUE buttons to send audio to the cue mix on the audio 2


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