Smallest phone?

What is the smallest phone you have run DJay on successfully?

iPhone 12/13 Mini - probably the best option when it comes to using the smallest possible smartphone.

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I’m currently running djay Pro AI on an iPhone 11, but previously ran the older version of djay Pro on an iPhone 6 with no issues.


yeah, it worked fine and dandy on my iPhone SE2


iPhone se 2022. When I keep in my pocket girls think that I’m happy to see them :laughing:

The minis for sure. they’re the smallest, but with a bigger screen than the SE.

The 13 mini has the same CPU as the SE, but the 12 has plenty of power for DJAY.

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You’ll make a good father someday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smirk:


I’m already a father. :laughing:

explains why you’ve nailed the “dad joke”

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