SPAM emails to vote for you?

Now you are resorting to sending SPAM emails to vote for you? Sounds a bit desperate.

Give us a reason to vote for you and then maybe… no reason to vote for best product since the product for me hasn’t changed in 3 years.

Hi Scott,

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djay for iPad has been nominated for the DJ Mag Tech Awards in three different categories. I believe that anyone can understand that it’s at least worth mentioning.

I understand that you’re getting quite impatient and while that in itself is a good sign, there is absolutely no need to be confrontational with each and every single post. We know how much you want djay for Mac and that’s great. We want it too. But like I said, we have big plans and big plans take time.

I am replying to the posts that I am part of.

The post about spamming was a new concern of mine. Feel free to erase ANY post that is not truthful or without merit.

I am past impatient… most likely moving on, as others have indicated they are doing. 3 years is too long, as you know. People are waiting a month for a simple audio fix so I don’t see anything coming soon.

You win, I am outta here. I’ll stop by but giving up on this software… Gotta move to something that works with my controller and is updated often.

You win Warren! Get back to the beach.