Smart Fader & CFX with other controllers

When integrating the Flx4, the new Smart Fader and Smart CFX features were also taken into account, at least in part. This does not work as it is implemented in Rekordbox but I find that quite good so. However, I would welcome it if you could bring these features via midi mapping to other controllers.


Hey @Chris_R ,

Thank you for your feedback regarding the Smart Fader and CFX features.

It’s great to see that you would like to have them with djay and other MIDI controllers too! If you have in mind any specific controller/MIDI mapping ideas, feel free to post your thoughts here, and hopefully other users will do this too.


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With respect to Smart CFX on the Flx4, this cannot be achieved via midi mapping on other controllers in the way it is implemented, in my opinion. To implement this, it should be possible to map more functions than is currently the case, in particular it would have to be supported that multiple actions/effects/gains are activated with one turn/one button press.


The “Smart Fader” option is already achieved on automix AI, you’d just have to implement as a manual cross Fader option when turned on.


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