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I organize my whole playlists in Apple Music. So, there are tons of existing playlist…
In dj pro I would like to have the possibility to create a smart playlist where the source is an already existing (Apple Music) playlist and add some more criteria:
e.g. "Select “playlist PartyRock” and year is >greater 2020
Do I miss something here or this might be a feature request :wink:

Hi @Andreas_Wierstorf, if you copy this playlist into a new playlist within the My Collection Source, you can use Filter rules and set one for Year.

EDIT: Correction. Filters are also available in the other Sources like Apple Music, SoundCloud, Beatport, etc.

Ok, it’s a copy… So if source Apple playlist changes, this will not affect the new collection, right? So I would need something “relative” or “linked” … to the original playlist.

Ooops! My mistake. I thought Filters were only available within My Collection. I just checked any they are available for Apple Music as well. So there should be no need to copy this playlist to My Collection after all.

Ok, but again for my understanding - I could not create a smart playlist based on an existing playlist (from any source), right?

Correct - in djay Pro 5:

  • there is no way to import a smart playlist, you have to create smart playlists manually
  • smart playlists copied from Apple Music - become static playlists in djay Pro
  • to backup and restore smart playlists in djay Pro - backup the djay Pro Library file. In macOS that is Music\djay\djay Media Library

Thanks for the additional information @Michael_Wisniewski. As always, well explained!

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