Snapdragon Elite - Engine DJ, solution?

Good morning everyone

Taking advantage of an offer, I purchased a notebook with the new Snapdragon Elite and consequently with Windows Arm architecture

I saw that Djay Pro is a native app for this facility and I would like to start using it
I currently have a Denon SC Live 4 and use the Engine DJ software for library/cues/loops, etc. but it’s a software that doesn’t drive me crazy and I would like something more complete
Reading online, however, I understand that it is impossible to create USB sticks from djay pro to be used on the SC Live.
What could be the solution to be able to exploit everything?

Thanks in advance

This is usualy a messy process and you are pushing the envelope so you are probably going to have to roll your own. The workflow will not be very pretty. :sunglasses:

Here are some options:

Also AFAIK Apple Music / iTunes does not yet run on Windows ARM …

Hi @Mattia92,

Hi, I’m happy to share that native ARM support for djay will be released shortly.

We will update this thread with more information when the update is released.

Thank you for your patience!

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