So, How did you transfer Your music library from Traktor to Djay?

Hi guys,
Really frustrated - Havent found a proper solution to transfer my music library info (playlists, cue point) from Traktor to Djay.

3rd Party apps -
There is DJCU - which doesnt work for me right now (need to trasfer all your music library info to rekordbox and then to serato/Apple Music and THEN to djay which doesnt seem to work atm)

Lexicon - an amazing app, not supports djay atm.

So i’m stuck to finally change my software i use in events.
Please help :frowning: help? :)))

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Hi @Alon_Sharir1, I personally used DJCU years ago when I migrated from Traktor to djay and it worked great for me. They also have excellent tech support if you reach out directly.

Do u know ?? it’s a good app … 7 Dollars at month …but you can cancel any time

Lexicon is algo good :

I’ve tried mixo and doesn’t work , you have to import to serato first which works fine but then the crates on deejay just won’t read the playlists properly.
Contacted support but couldn’t work out why. All they could say was maybe it was because my music was on an external hard drive…… yet serato and record box both read the imported playlists perfectly.

I’ve not tried lexicon , but this issue is the only reason I’m stopping from using deejay , because of the historical playlists I rely on.

Regards all.

You can open Traktor & Djay pro , Create same Folders in Djay pro , drag and drop all songs . It’s not the fastest way but it works .

Try Lexicon , It will work .

I’ve been using Traktor since 2008 , After trying Djay pro , ,It took to me 3 days for change from one to the other . I’m not missing a single feature .

Hi Mauri,
You literally just dragged from one software toe the other?
Thats amazing, ill try that!

Hi, Sadly since Djay 5.0, DJCU doesnt work that way.
You need to transfer to rekordbox, then serato, and then Djay… which hasnt worked for me yet.

With all cue points, autoloops and metadata?

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