Software Effects Are Pre-Fader Only with External Mixer

MacBook Pro (14 inch, 2021)
Chip: Apple M1 Pro
Memory: 16 GB
Mixer: Pioneer DJM-S11
Turntables (DVS, Relative): 2 x Pioneer PLX-CRSS12

Hello! Using 5.02 and setting Sound > FX Routing to Post-Fader seems to have no effect on the “tail” for Software Effects. Repro:

  1. Set Sound > FX Routing to Post-Fader
  2. Engage a Software Effect (e.g. Echo) on Deck 1
  3. Lower the upfader completely on Deck 1
  4. Effect is silenced immediately instead of fading out

This also happens on iOS with an iPhone 12 Pro Max with the Mixer and Turntables mentioned above.

Please let me know if you need additional detail. Thanks!

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As I know, unfortunately FX post-fader doesn’t routed to external mode.

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@djcoldswitch unfortunately, it’s not currently possible to have post fader FX when using External Mixer Mode.

Thank you @Slak_Jaw and @DJ-Z! Apologies for the noise. I should have posted this in the Questions forum.

No problem. You’re welcome @djcoldswitch

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