Some bugs with djay Pro 2

Hi, I can’t hear the EQ and filter through headphone while pre-cueing, is it normal? I’m using djay Pro 2 and a Pioneer DDJ-RB.

It was working on djay Pro 1…

Another bug is when I ask the app to analyze my local songs it does the job, but it also duplicates the songs (not on the hard drive, but in the “playlist”).

Same here,

Using djay pro 2 and mixon 4 controller

Yes, but only for pre-cueing. I can hear the EQ and filter effects through the headphone when I select “MASTER CUE” on the RB.

Regarding duplicates, it does it after analyzing the tracks.

Nope, it doesn’t work. I still can’t hear EQ and filter.

Hi there,

do you accept the audio device mapping window when you connect the RB?

Regarding the duplicates, are they getting duplicated after you analyse the tracks?

Hi there,

could you connect your Headphones to your Mac and select Built In as Pre Cueing option.
Please see if the problem is persisting doing so.

Here the same problem with the EQ!

I ́m on mac 10.12.6
pioneer ddj-ergo-V

What is the solution?

Hi Lukas,

what do you mean exactly?

In options: output= built in, headphones=split output or none (i have split)

Then it works in cue mix. Then i notice on one side of my headphone filter or whatever. But with the controller in cue mode nothings change.

Thanx for the update! Now it works…