Some Ideas for DJay. Small fixes & nice additions.

Few things that it might be nice to see in DJay for iPad…

  1. Pitch change that works by changing the percentage (smoothly) rather than jumping through bpm increments. (This is for when BPM is not analysed correctly so that tracks can still be beat-matched. For Drum and Bass tracks I often get ~109bpm rather than 86/174. When changing the bpm in this case, the jumps of 109>109.1 are different to the percentage change between 174>174.1 meaning its harder to get accurate matching).

  2. Re-analysis of tracks / manual input of bpm (not tap). (NB number 1)).

  3. Level drop when FX are in use… (this might just be an iDJ Pro thing?)

  4. Key lock always on feature.

  5. Improvement of FX, the modulation of flanger and phaser increases too fast (IMO).

  6. Addition of reverb effect.

  7. Bulk analysis of tracks.

This list is fairly exhaustive, DJay is a great app and keeps improving but having invested in the hardware would be nice for some of these features to be added. Would even pay for extra features (nominal fees) if they were to be added. Don’t know if Algoriddim have considered this?..

Thanks for reading

You can access your music through the ‘cloud’ which if you want it to be could be your entire itunes library if you want to pay for it.

Don’t think you can do home sharing though, but thats not such a big deal surely you just sync your ipad with the music you want to play. Otherwise if you played out you’d still need both laptop and iPad anyway kind of ruins the point of the app…

PS if you haven’t already d’you think you could +1/ like this so it has more chance of being seen.


Would be good if you access your iTunes library through djay. Unless you can I don’t know how.