Some MIDI mappings don't show up

I have an FLX 4.

I know that to change MIDI mappings I can open the MIDI configuration menu, press/move controls on the controller and the window of available mappings jumps to the particular control & note that was pressed.

However, when I activate “Key Shift” on the FLX4 (shift + Sampler), the midi window does not jump to the particular control/note that was pressed. But the Key Shift function still works!

So two questions:

  1. Why doesn’t the midi window jump to the correct control/note?
  2. Is there a way to determine what control/note is actually being used for key shift (I can’t find it in the list)

Hi @Art, welcome back to the community.

For our natively supported MIDI controllers, most controls are mapped using the standard mapping system, which allows users to change the action performed for a specific control. However for technical reasons there are sometimes controls that are handled internally in djay without employing the mapping system, in which case they cannot be changed. This is also the case for the Key Shift actions of the DDJ-FLX4, because we do not currently offer mappable actions for this functionality.

Hope this helps!

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