Some mod for using djay and idj pro in a professional dj set for developping staff

Hi @ all and developping’s djay staff
I’m from Italy and I am a professional dj.

here is the extremely needs for a professional djing using idj pro
with djay for ipad.
I use for hours test’s consolle from numark and djay. After this
tests i report to U what it is good and what u must improve.


stability is very good, over six hours of set without problem!!!
bpm analyze is pretty good. like every other dj pro software
audio quality is good


auto gain ( it is better to insert two different range of auto gain es. -3 db- 0 db etc…)
more songs are different volume after analysys.
It is usable insert a knob for controll gain, instead touch gain on ipad, of every deck. it is possible to have it on fx knob of idjpro when fx is off it would works like a gain .

browser song list, quite good but not so clear to read in portrait mode . Also will be perfect if djay can save a hystory of a dj set, so dj could recharge speedly songs played in a last set.

FX are too high of volume, so will be perfect to have also for them a
little controll range of volume. I belive it is ok a little slider
volume on screen for touch controll

Autoloop, it is not so perfect… when u short loop from 4 beats to 2
to 1 sometimes the track jump… it is not good to listen…

Sampler, insert it! it is very very important…( i know is in program in next release)

I want to use my dj pro and my ipad djay for work in a club!!!
Insert this mod and u’ll have the perfect dj software for ipad !

Carletto dj

I’ve been requesting these updates since day one. Especially the Play history to show what tracks have been played ( maybe any song played for more then 20 sec can change colour). Also there needs to be a way to see the full artist & track name when looking in the music library. Sometimes I have 5-7 versions of a song and I need to load one at a time to see which one i want to play( get rid of album, who cares about albums!!!). Using the iDj Pro allows you to see the names better but not enough.

Lucas DJ

I agree with carletto and Lucas for their true professional opinion on improvements what this app really needs. Plus it would be cool, if you could link more Ios devices over Bluetooth. I.e. run and mix multiple iPads at once and/or at least a limit of 4 pads (iOS devices) and split it to have more exclusive controls when linked multi devices.